Podcast: Purium Audios by Topic

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20 Day Continuation Program
Activated Barley
Advanced Probiotic and Enzyme Advantage
After the 10-Day Transformation: What you Need on Day 11 & Why!
Aloe Vera
An Athlete’s Transformation
Ancient Foods and Modern Miracles
AntiAging Secrets Part 1
AntiAging Secrets Part 2
ApotheCherry, Nature’s Most Nutrient Dense Fruit
Athletes Products Part 1
Athletes Products Part 2
BIO: Beautiful Inside and Out
BIO skin care superstar ingredients
BIO Skin Care System
BIO Skin Care System part 2
Biome Medic part 1
Biome Medic part 2
Building Up Your Immune System
Carrot Juice
Core 3
Cycles of Health
Daily Fiber Blend
Daily Fiber Blend and More
Dave and the Doctors: Part 1 The Amazing Benefits of Master Aminos (aka Super Amino 23) & Their Role in the 10 Day Transformation
Dave and the Doctors: Part 2 Food & Cancer with Dr. Doug Ciuba
Dave and the Doctors: Part 3 The Doctors of Destruction with MMA Fighters
Dave and the Doctors: Part 4 Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Dana Clark, DOM, AP
Dave and the Doctors: Part 5 The Hidden Miracles Within Rice Bran Solubles with Dr. Robert Smith
Dave and the Doctors: Part 6 How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Dr. David Agueda
Dave’s Faves
Dave’s Favorite Meal Makeovers
Different Greens for Different Things
Enzymes…the Spark of Life
FAQ for Kids
Five Facets About Beets
Fukishima, Radiation and Superfoods
Gain CONTROL of your waistline with Purium!
Gluten: The Facts, The Myths, and More!
GMOs vs. Genetic Selection
Gut Health
How to Read Labels
How to Talk to Your Doctor About Diabetes
Is Having a “Flex Food” (while on the 10Day Transformation) Considered Cheating?
Kids Tinctures
Lessons from our Transformation Group Cleanse + more!
Living A Healthy Purium Lifestyle During the Holidays
LOV Shake
Make Your Future Self Happy
Men’s Defense
Million Mom Movement
MVP Kids
MVP Sport
Organic Best of Greens
Parasite Cleansing
Power of 10 Veggies
Power Shake and Super Lytes
PowerKids Nutrition Drink
Purium with David Sandoval GO BIG in 2017!
Purium A to Z part 1
Purium A to Z part 2
Purium Lifestyle
Purium Training Call How to Overcome Fear
Purium’s Kids Line
Real food versus Recreational food
Recharging Adrenal Glands
Revive It All
Scoop of Greens + Blood Sugar Balance
Super Amino 23 part 1
Super Amino 23 part 2
Super Amino 23 part 3
Super Amino 23 part 4
Super Charge Your Life!
Super CleansR
Super Lytes
Super Xanthin part 1
Super Xanthin part 2
Survival in an Age of Emerging Viruses
The 5 main Food Tribes and how Purium feeds them ALL!
The Importance of Flex Foods
The Importance of Water
The Science Behind Purium
Top 10 Questions Transformers Ask Dave + Best Purium Products for Dogs + MORE
Top 10 Reasons for Weight Gain
Transformation and Pregnancy FAQs
Transformation FAQs part 1
Transformation FAQs part 2
Transformation FAQs part 3
Transforming the Transformation
Turning Your Kitchen into a Superfood Pharmacy
Unknown Dangers of Dehydration
Unleash the Energy Within Part 1
Unleash the Energy Within Part 2
What comes next? What comes first?” with Core3 + MORE
What, When, Where, Why, and How you eat
Why Diets Don’t Work
Why I Started Purium & Why I Love Purium So Much
Why Purium is an Industry Leader in 2017
Why Purium is the most EFFICIENT delivery system of nonGMO, whole food ingredients
Women’s Defense
Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe