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We want you to have a simple shopping experience! If you have any questions please reach out to us! We are here for YOU!

  1. NO MEMBERSHIP — any person, who is not already a Purium member, can become a Purium customer by simply placing an order of any dollar amount. New customers who are placing their order for the first time can enjoy $50 off an order of $75 or more by using a gift card code. Please reach out to the person who shared this site with you to obtain his/her $50 off gift card code.
  2. NO AUTO-SHIP — all new customers are eligible to receive a $50 off gift card code to use only on their first order. To use the $50 off retail gift card code the order must be worth $75 or more. But, wait, that’s not all … to continue your healthy journey you will receive 25% off retail by simply placing an order (of any dollar amount) within 30 days of your last order. If you stocked up with your first order or simply want to order less often, no worries, you will still get 15% off retail for any future orders that are placed beyond the 30 days. *You can go back to the 25% level by placing a second order within 30 days from your last order date.
  3. BEST PRICE — to keep your health at its optimal best, be sure to keep a steady supply of the product(s) that you enjoy the most! Best price for your first order is obtained with a $50 off your first order gift card code. Please reach out to the person who shared this site with you to get their gift card code (our club members are listed HERE, along with their gift card codes).

Savable Shopping List (aka Smart Ship)

All customer accounts will have the ability to set up a “smart ship” list. You can customize the list, add or take off products, and tweak it to fit your needs. Smart Ship is optional, it is merely offered for your convenience. Smart Ship is designed to help you remember to place an order every 30 days so you can continue to enjoy the BEST PRICE of 25% off retail. Every loyal customer and Purium Brand Partner receives this pricing level!


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Please be sure to enter the gift card code of the Green Shaker’s Tribe Member who introduced you to Purium. Not sure what their code is? We have a few codes posted at this link (click/touch here).