The Beauty of Aging with Purium


Purium offers high quality, all natural anti-aging nutritional supplements to help you biologically grow younger!

Aging isn’t measured by how many years you’ve lived, but by how many you’ve got left.

Listen to this call with David Sandoval on the 7 reasons your body ages.

Your body is either regenerating or degenerating.  Your body will make 300 billion new cells today.  Does your body have what it needs to create healthy cells.  What if the cells you produced today were healthier and stronger than the cells your produced yesterday?  You would actually grow biologically younger.

A lot of the symptoms we associate with aging are caused more by lack of nutrients, toxicity, oxidation and dehydration than they are by actually aging.  There is a lot we can do nutritionally to slow that process down.

Aging is a fact of life, but succumbing to age-related ailments doesn’t have to be. Offering a bevy of antioxidants to ward off disease, nutrients to fight stiffness, and compounds to keep us sharp and energetic, the plant kingdom is brimming with solutions to conditions that can plague us as we age.

David Sandoval, owner and founder of Purium Health Products, understands these concepts in great detail. He has blended an incredible line of anti-aging products using scientifically proven ingredients grown in fields he personally oversees, harvested at peak potency, and processed without heat targeting specific areas in the body.

  • Apothe-Cherry: Can help prevent or even reverse premature aging.  Antioxidants and naturally occurring melatonin for deep sleep.
  • Revive-It-All:  Contains two very important ingredients that have been proven to reverse memory loss and increase energy and vigor.
  • Joint-Flex:  Support healthy joint function, increase mobility and flexibility and restore vitality.
  • Heart-Aid:  Supports healthy cardiovascular function.
  • Bio Skincare:  Skincare from the inside out.

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