Total Cellular Satisfaction

CellularNutritionTotal cellular satisfaction is what it feels like when your cells have their nutritional needs met.  When we eat nutrient lacking food our cells don’t get satisfied, they keep sending the signal to our brains that they need more nutrition.  When the brain interprets that signal as needing more food, we eat more nutrition lacking food and the cycle continues.  We’re eating calories, but our cells are still not getting their needs met.  Our bodies are robbing Peter to pay Paul which leads to chronic conditions including weight gain.
Purium uses super high-nutrient, super low-calorie superfoods, including power greens and power grains, to completely satisfy, feed and protect your cells.  When we’re hungry our bodies aren’t necessarily craving calories, it’s craving nutrients. When our cells are satisfied with the nutrients our bodies need on a regular basis our cravings are curbed, and we stop “white-knuckling” through our days.  It’s not a battle of will power anymore!

All calories are not created equal.  Calories only provide energy, but nutrients are what your body runs on.

If we eat more calories than we need for energy our body will store them as fat.  If we don’t get enough nutrition in a day our cells cannot perform optimally and we’re at risk of disease and illness.  The problem with most of our food today is that is high in calories and low in nutrients.

When you feed your body proteins, carbs and fats, you may be surprised how little of that food is actually being assimilated.  Counting calories often leads to the body starving for nutrients which negatively affects your metabolism and can lead to muscle and bone loss.

Being one of the leading phytochemists in the world, David Sandoval understands this. He teaches that when your body assimilates the food you’re eating, and the cells are satisfied, the body will not go into starvation mode.  Your metabolism is reset, and your body begins to balance which leads to dropping extra pounds, more energy, better sleep and ultimately better overall health.  The nutrient density of Purium’s products allows us to get the nutrition we need without eating bushels of vegetables every day.



Listen to this call, “Why Diets Don’t Work.”

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